Why Fire?

Nothing brings people together quite like fire. From cavemen to the backyard campfire, to today’s sophisticated fire tables, people have always been drawn to it. Maybe it’s the soft light or the warmth or the dancing flames. Whatever it is, it is undeniable.

Reserve with Brazilian Multi-Color Slate (RSSL-BMC)

Thanks to the Fire Table evolution, gathering friends and family around a fire has never been easier. Quick, clean and hassle free. 

Fire Tables are available in chat height, dining height, coffee table height and pub height.


Bio-Ethanol Fueled fire places are available in  table top, wall mount or freestanding floor models. 

Contemporary styling in stainless steel, black, white and red.

AFD Grand Cordova Fireplace Lifestyle

Outdoor fireplaces and hearths are architectural features for a truly grand effect. 

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